Bespoke Projects

Spotlights in a conservatory roof

R&R Services - Spotlights in conservatory ceilingSpotlights in conservatory roofs are usually an issue. Large holes need to be cut into the structural ridge beam to house the light fitting. This would compromise the strength and be quite dangerous if it were a heavy glass roof.

We have found a solution to this with our slim line inset lights.

This product gives off a subtle light which is difficult to obtain with the standard light and fan units usually installed. We do offer the combination so customers have the best of both worlds. They can also be linked to a remote unit eliminating the need for a switch.




Mirrored glass in a conservatory

R&R Services - Mirrored glass in a conservatoryMirrored glass is something that we offer for conservatories that are close to a neighbouring fence or wall. We continue the dwarf wall and then add the safety backed mirror unit to our standard framing. This tricks the eye giving the illusion that you are looking through it when you are actually looking at a reflection of the opposite side of the garden.

On small conservatories a high wall can be very dark and imposing often making the conservatory look very small and dark.

We feel that this is a fantastic solution as the mirror bounces the light around keeping the conservatory and adjoining room naturally as light as possible.

Fish pond in the floor

R&R Services - Fish pond in floorOne of our customers wanted a chill out room and mentioned having a fish tank instead of a TV.

We suggested building a fish pond in the floor, half joking really, and they said go for it.

We were then faced with "this cannot be done" and "this would not work" from all of the local aquatic dealers so we set out to prove them wrong!




An indoor BBQ

R&R Services - Indoor BBQThis indoor BBQ was for a South African couple who were desperately missing their BBQ weather. He had an idea of building a conservatory with one built in so he could BBQ whatever the weather!

No one else would take this on; initially it sounds an insane idea however we saw it as no different to creating an open fire in a lounge.

After discussing the project and extracting enough detail from the customer we came up with the perfect solution.




A dry outdoor seating area off a conservatory

R&R Services - Dry outdoor seating areaWe created an outdoor seating area off a P-shaped conservatory for one of our clients; it had a self-cleaning glass roof which continued on to form a open dry area.

We designed a half truss fabricated in steel with a powder coated finish. This was designed to support the centre of the roof taking into account snow loading and wind uplift. The truss prevented the need of a centre post which would have obscured the view to their beautiful garden.

The area houses an outdoor kitchen area and drinks fridge. We also incorporated a wall mounted infrared heater so it?s warm even on a chilly evening. The customers we built this for are big entertainers and they have found this a perfect asset for their BBQ evenings.